Born at the Right Time

kristina leonardi
5 min readMay 26, 2021


Trust that you will land exactly when and where you are supposed to be

We are all works in progress at various stages of our own unique journey to become the best version of ourselves in every area of life. Lord knows I have definitely taken the road less traveled, breaking away from societal norms and from what my family expected or envisioned for me!

But I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum and practiced what I preach. I’ve had a sense of my core values and vision, and I’ve listened to and trusted myself when making the biggest decisions throughout my adult life (deciding what to have from a dinner menu is another story!). I’ve continued to learn and grow along the way, and I’ve shared all of it with others through my work coaching, writing and speaking.

I didn’t always know what I was doing — and still don’t! — but I have always been OK with that, because as long as I heed that inner voice and work on the things that need to be internally healed and developed, I trust that I will find myself in the right place at the right time on any given day. Life is a journey until we take our last breath, and that has become more and more evident to me recently. All the choices I made early on that may have seemed unusual or risky or nonsensical at the time — and may have come with much sacrifice and many mistakes — have landed me where I am now: prepared to help others for precisely this moment in time, in a way that I could never have imagined.

Back in the ’80s and ’90s, technology was not as it exists today, no one knew what “coaching” was outside the realm of sports, and personal growth, etc., was often relegated to the nascent New Age movement. Fast-forward to the 2020s and many of those “woo-woo” concepts are now considered mainstream; coaching is known as a consulting profession and is accessible to the average Joe, not just C-level executives; and technology has transformed the way we do business.

I had an “aha” about this fascinating timeline the other day, as more than half of my clients are ages 28–33. In other words, I never could have predicted when I graduated from college that I would someday be helping the babies being born at that time around the world (I have clients in other countries) get unstuck in their lives and become more aligned with their careers, saving them much grief, time and energy.

This is especially significant since we don’t have much time to waste — as these souls (many of you reading here!) in the early prime of adulthood are critical to the evolution and restructuring of our society as a whole. And because I have been doing this for 13-plus years, I have mastered my craft to a level where I am more effective for my clients in 2021 than I would have been had they come to me in 2007. Amazing how the Universe sorts these things out, right?

But regardless of how old you are, you are who you are today for a reason and have a part to play in this extraordinary era in the history of our planet. Trust yourself in the unknown, keeping in mind that if a leap turns out to be “wrong” or you “fail,” it’s OK, because the experience makes you stronger. It also provides you more information about yourself; what you want or don’t want and/or what patterns need breaking; and it is an advancement for you and others — whether you are aware of what that advancement is at the time or not. It is all growth, and growth is good.

No matter what stage of your career or life, know that every day holds possibility for change, growth, healing and/or creating something new — should you decide that’s what you want. Simply have faith in and hold the vision, put in the time, energy and attention toward it, and then allow things to unfold — in time and on time.


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