Finding American independence in a world of disinformation and division

Photo credit: Kristina Leonardi

Happy Birthday, America! With all the many faults and foibles of these United States, we are still here and are striving to live up to our POTENTIAL, to the intentions the Founding Fathers had for us back in 1776.

This year’s celebration might be one of the most difficult and divided we have yet to experience in recent history. We are going through some deep detoxing, and paying the price for anything that doesn’t resonate with those original ideals set forth. This isn’t always pretty or fun, but it is indeed necessary and long overdue in order to create the healthiest nation we can be in mind, body and spirit.

Part of the erosion — and thus where rebuilding and strengthening is required — is due to the fact that over the past decade or two, many folks have gradually lost their ability to think for themselves. We want some authority figure, media outlet, political party or peer group to tell us what to pay attention to, take action on and/or be angry about; we want a magic pill to solve everything or for someone else to fix things so we can zone out on Netflix, social media, or video games. This has caused our critical faculties to atrophy, making it easier for the powers that be to both manipulate and censor information and behaviors to achieve their desired agendas.

So this year, I am feeling very much like Patrick Henry shouting, “Give me liberty or give me death!” — in the sense of asserting the freedom of my heart and mind. To be a FREE THINKER. This fundamental American characteristic is something I believe we’ve lost, and my birthday wish as a citizen and patriot of this great land is to bring that spirit back. We must monitor and maintain our intellectual and emotional sovereignty, and formulate our own opinions, assessments and decisions based on a variety of sources — and respect and/or debate civilly with one another about them if we disagree. We must learn how to think, not what to think. To be a truly independent country, we need to be a country of truly independent thinkers.

We each have to play our part in having our country live up to its potential, so for the PGG Video of the week I talk about how to be the change you wish to see in the world, and check out this Instagram post for a powerful indigenous prophecy. And in case you missed it and are wondering what you can do to help usher in a better future, you can watch my answer to that question here. (Full recording of the talk here).

(Excerpted and adapted from my weekly PGG newsletter that went out on Friday, July 3rd, 2020)


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