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Help bridge the divide in our country by bridging it within yourself

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There are so many things wrong right now with our country that have nothing to do with politics.

As an expert on personal growth, healing, and evolution, I see the increasingly toxic political situation as a manifestation of what’s built up over hundreds of years and the result of our own ignorance and refusal to look at hard stuff both individually and collectively or to understand patterns, deal with, be accountable for, process and heal our past; our lack of concern for the well-being of all citizens (not corporations), no matter how different they might be from you, as well as the pervasive/mainstream lack of trust in and/or reliance on something greater than ourselves other than fame, fortune or some magical pill.

It’s about the perversion of values and deterioration of our culture as a result of mass media manipulation of all types, from every spectrum of political, socio-economic, entertainment and religious (or lack there of) belief systems, perspectives and platforms. What we saw in our nation’s capital on January 6th did not happen in a vacuum or overnight; and I believe that we are all responsible. All of these things combined are the real pandemic in my opinion, and this pesky pathogen situation is the cherry on top wake up call to the error of our ways.

And as I often say here and in many videos you can find on my YouTube channel, what you do, how and what you think, how and what you feel and the overall integration and state of your mind, body, and spirit adds to the overall state of your environment, the country, and the world. You are that important and matter that much.

We are all interconnected and are projections and mirrors of each other. Our dysfunctional government is a reflection of our internal dysfunction. So no matter what “side” you are on — which is a problem in the first place — we need to stop “othering” and blaming everyone. PeriodT. (Yes, I’m hip to that spelling ;)

Please check yourself often for this and use it as a tool for reflection. We are all humans, and we’re mostly operating from different levels of unresolved pain and frustration.

Can you try for a few minutes to put yourself in the shoes of someone you find detestable or “less-than” and see if maybe you can understand WHY they might behave or believe a certain way, or listen to what they have to say without automatically judging, dismissing or canceling them — even if just in your head? We all better start practicing before we self-implode.

The point is that we have got to get it together people. As we move through this new era, I will continue to share my observations, challenges, experiences and perspectives to perhaps shed light on yours, as we are all we got and it’s not easy being human! We must to zoom out and gain a wider vantage point to see the big picture rather than focus on pettiness; most people have been unwilling or unable, and of course no one in power would benefit, so why promote that? But that is an essay for another day….

My PGG essay, Bubble Burst, is an excerpt of what I wrote the day after the 2016 US Election. Sadly, in re-reading it I find that not much has changed, and in some ways has gotten worse — and yes I do believe on both sides. So I ask that you read it from the lens of 2020 no matter who you voted for, especially the second half of the essay, because much is just applicable today as it was four years ago. It doesn’t matter who is in office, we need to learn to coexist in the most peaceful, healthy way. This will be confronting for sure, but I encourage you to try, otherwise we are doomed to more of the same or worse. This is an SOS.

This video talks about thinking for yourself to save democracy and this Instagram post has two great quotes to help you start the year right. If you’re looking some of my thoughts about all of this in long-form, this podcast style interview with Rick Young of What’s in Your Hand Radio Show.


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