Revolutionary Rumblings

kristina leonardi
4 min readNov 26, 2022

In search of harmony within and without

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With all that’s going on the world today, whether the uprising in Iran; war in Ukraine; economic or political turmoil on this or the other side of the pond; relationship upheavals (i.e., Kanye and Adidas, or Gisele and Tom, hot off the presses); or media mayhem a la Elon, we see many people — to varying degrees of urgency and importance — stirring for something different.

The hope is, of course, that any change would be for the better and come about with the least amount of harm. And whether we agree or not in the end, the goal is a world in which we can coexist harmoniously and with compassion.

Perhaps there are rumblings in your personal or professional life as well … Because the macro affects the micro, and the external world is always a reflection of our inner world and vise versa, no matter how much things are rearranged on the outside, unless we as individuals transform ourselves on the inside, we won’t see the lasting change we want.

It will be like, as I often tell my clients who want to skip the self-reflective personal growth work before looking for another job, a case of “same boyfriend, different clothes.

These are some of the themes reflected in this essay. And since there are so many issues coming up everywhere concerning POWER — what it is, who has it and how it is exercised — we discussed it all at CONNECTING WITH KRISTINA online gathering on Tuesday, November 15. You can click here for some clips.

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