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It’s vitally important for us to check our bias/the lens through which we are viewing and processing the current situation.

We have been conditioned for a while now to look at things as black or white/ good or bad/ red or blue / us or them.

We’ve also been told to trust scientists and data at face value as if they were god/ gods/ panacea/an absolute to be heeded and worshiped.

In politics or on Madison Avenue — where data/polls/ads in mainstream media are used to influence us — graphs, numbers and presentations can be manipulated and framed to create any story they want. That’s their tool to drive behavior.

And that’s why with every “scientific study,” you need to see who is FUNDING it and what is the outcome they are trying to push or prove. What is the narrative they want to focus on, for what gain and for whom? Who is financially supporting the experts, institutions and media outlets and what is their agenda (i.e., just like politicians)?

Don’t get lost in the spin from either side — whether it looks like obvious spin, facts or fake news. Stay neutral and open so we can be more clear-minded and united.

We are living in a world of bank robbers, drug dealers, gang turf wars, rogue actors, impostors and mercenaries fighting battles with each other, with us as collateral damage and commodities to be gained or lost. That is the underlying plot of this movie we’re experiencing right now.

I am so very grateful for the truly good, sincere people doing their best to fight for all of us. And I’m beyond thankful for all the people who are left to deal with the horrific mess and results of the main protagonists of this script’s actions and plans.

I am deeply concerned about the collective trauma being experienced by our society but likely won’t even be recognized for months and years to come, especially from those on the front lines. I am beyond sad about those who are dying alone and without a proper send-off to the other side, and for all those who are affected by such a loss.

People want definitive answers — yesterday. We want a pill or an app to fix everything for us. We want a villain and a hero. And we want a savior. This, I think, is one of the most dangerous places to be as a society, because that kind of thinking keeps us dis-empowered and divided. It usurps our own agency and ability to think and act for ourselves in an insightful way and to see the whole picture.

Therefore, the most important thing we can do right now is work on building ourselves up INTERNALLY in body, mind and spirit so that we can make educated, unbiased, intuitive, discerning decisions for ourselves that come from a place of STRENGTH, not FEAR. And not from being spoon-fed what we are being told in each of our “bubbles.”

We need to sharpen our critical faculties and find the inner authority to navigate this situation and look at all aspects through a wider, nonpartisan lens. And a holistic one. (I.e., why aren’t the media or governments talking about ways to boost your immunity??)

In other words, most of the time things are gray and complex; sometimes the supposed villains are the heroes, and those we put on pedestals are the ones causing the problems. Sometimes people can be both at the same time. Sometimes up is down and down is up. Sometimes things are not at all what we think they are. And sometimes, things we never assumed or imagined to be connected indeed are.

So I encourage you to keep an open mind and not let your vitriol for “the other side” color your assessment of what’s happening and the solutions being put forth. That is the only way we are going to get through this crisis with the least amount of damage and loss, not just of life and income, but of our rights, integrity and sanity.

We must each take responsibility for a more balanced and sober approach to understanding and getting to the truth of all this as much as possible. We can then do what is right for ourselves — which will not be one size fits all — from a place that is not based in fear or believing what is told to us unquestioningly, nor policed by each other or peer pressure.

We are living in the Wild West right now and need as many underdogs and nobodies to step into their power and embrace their gifts to the world — we ALL have something to contribute, even if it’s just our own conscious, healed life. This is just the beginning. There are more of us than there are of them. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

I’ve been focused on spreading positivity and helping folks get through this time from a personal-growth perspective. Part of that is about helping us stay aware and be empowered to think for ourselves and make the best of this situation with the least amount of suffering, and without losing our innate humanity — both toward ourselves and others — or our essential freedoms. That will take effort and focus. Please don’t forget that and do your part, in addition to washing hands and wearing masks.

By having the courage to evolve or change our mindset and perspective and have more respect for ourselves and each other, we will be better off in every way, in every area of our life, in our country and the world at large.


(Excerpted from my weekly PGG newsletter that went out on Friday, April 17, 2020)

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