We’re All Just Walking Each Other Home

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As I’ve been reflecting on this past year, the theme that has emerged for me (and the quote that has been on repeat in my head for a couple of months now) is, as the 20th-century American spiritual teacher Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

I am an introvert who has been somewhat of a hermit for much of the last decade, but I do recognize that no individual is an island and that relationships of every kind are needed for personal growth and soul evolution. As humans, we simply couldn’t exist without other humans.

We’re all on our own unique journeys with different chapters, highlights and challenges, and depending on where we’re at, we require a balance of isolation and being out in the world as we move through them. And as individuals, we are hard-wired with varying needs for interaction, so there is no right or wrong amount.

But it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate that engaging in all types of relationships on a variety of levels — whether for a few moments, several months, or the span of a lifetime — has a profound purpose: You get to see yourself through another’s eyes; something in them brings out certain parts of you; your interaction with them triggers or activates something that needs to be healed or expressed in one or both of you; it’s an opportunity to practice giving and receiving love. And you are co-creating experiences and memories that weave together to make up this thing called your LIFE.

All of which brings you back home to yourself, and with deeper awareness, ultimately to the part of you that is connected to the animating force that is greater than yourself, whether you want to call it Nature, Source, God, Higher Power, the Universe, etc.

As I re-emerged more and more from my cocoon, 2023 brought that lesson home (no pun intended) more than ever, understanding how we truly need and can learn from and enjoy each other. It is so clear to me now how we all have gifts to give each other that might not always look like a “gift” (or what you thought was the gift was actually something else, or the thing that seemed negative turns out to be the gift).

Or one day you might discover that the gift — for instance, like laughing a lot when together — is more valuable than you ever realized. And think about it: the more expansive you allow your network of humans to be, the more lessons and gifts you can receive.

Relationships of any kind, but especially our closest ones, are our best teachers — they’re the foil who presses against you the most; they test and/or exercise different aspects of your personality that, with intention, time and practice, can elevate and evolve you into your best version. I’m not saying this is always fun or easy! As Ram Dass also said, “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend a week with your family.”

Friend, partner, client, child, parent, date, dentist, boss, stranger … we are all crossing paths this lifetime for a reason. We are all supporting and guiding each other whether we are conscious of it or not.

The other reason this theme has been on my mind lately is the reality that we or our loved ones can be here one day, and gone the next. I know three people who lost someone close to them recently, suddenly and without warning. You never know when your last breath will be, when that last interaction will happen. It’s so easy to forget, but we must treasure and live each moment as if it could be our last, and make the most of our time together while we have it.

So as you reflect on 2023 and think about the year ahead, ask yourself: How is every interaction helping to walk me home, to my most essential self and my connection to the source of all that is?


Speaking of spending time together and walking each other home — thank YOU for being a part of my walk home. Having this outlet to share my thoughts and observations is a relationship with you, the reader. It has helped me evolve tremendously, and I have treasured it for the 14 (!) years I’ve been publishing these essays.

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