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5 min readJan 5, 2023
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Happy Holidays! I hope that you are enjoying this week, having some fun and getting in some rest, review and self-reflection as we prepare to go into a new calendar year, which is one of several potent times throughout a 12 month cycle to do so.

There are also periods in our individual lives when you need to do even more than reflect and rest, but actually STOP and re-assess, re-structure and re-align your life with who you are now. I, personally, am in one of those periods.

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Here is a list of all the new PGG essays and notes from 2022. Take your time to check them out or revisit them over the next month(s) while PGG is on pause.

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New 2022 PGG Essays:

Hatched: A Love Child

No matter what the outcome, this was about me honoring my vision and experiencing this beautiful power of creation that we all possess but many discount, deny or simply don’t use. But it is incredibly rewarding to see an idea become tangible, especially for someone like me whose work is mostly intangible. (Click here for my book Say It To Make It)

Sea of Love

There is wisdom that says that we operate from either fear or love. With all the fear pumped into us from birth, and which seems to be ratcheting up these past few years and now weeks (and is easily absorbed via powerful media in every form), it’s more important than ever to pay attention to and see what is influencing your thoughts, words and deeds: LOVE or FEAR.

Fifteen Candles

Walking a truly authentic, aligned path is the road less traveled for a reason, though. There are a lot of unknowns, risks, twists and turns, and like anything else, it ain’t always easy! It is a commitment to personal growth on the daily that requires building self-confidence, self-worth, and deep trust in oneself and something greater than oneself.

Your Peace of the Pie

No matter what “side” you are on, division, segregation, discrimination, other-ing, scapegoating and/or ostracizing one group of human beings over another is never the way to go, as history has shown many times over. I pray we don’t repeat it once again.

PGG “Notes from Kristina” Essays

Be Another Kind of Super Spreader

We can each resolve to be a hero in 2022 and beyond.

The Fate of Our Future

The human experience and too much technology are not fungible.

The Emancipation of Evolution

Some rules are meant to be broken…

Snap Out of It

A smile or a shake can move your mood at any moment.

Cooperating with Change

We all need to embrace the process, and each other.

I Matter, You Matter, We All Matter

Knowing how you can make a difference in a world gone mad.

You Should Be Dancing

Move your body to uniquely express, relieve stress and feel your best.

Time Warp Wandering

These days can easily go adrift, so don’t let them go amiss.

Beyond the Benjamins

One of the most fascinating figures of our past offers inspiration for creating a fulfilling future.

Deep Breathing and Being

Help yourself and the world by staying present and processing one minute at a time.

Feelings & Forgiveness

Helpful tools to get you through these turbulent times.

Remember the Rainbow

Be sure to laugh and play in order to keep the boogie-man away!

How You Can Change the World

When you remember that what you focus on grows, you can be a part of the solution to society’s pervasive problems.

Let Some Light In

Be grateful for any cracks in your life; it’s part of our growth.

Goodbyes & Growth

Loss and letting go is part of expansion and exploration.

The Heat is On

Higher temps rendering our lives intense.

What Are You Feeding Your Mind

Be discerning and don’t let social media consumption weigh you down.

Lessons Learned

When you step back and see the tough stuff as gifts for growth

Seeing the Signs

Is the Universe trying to tell you something?

Find Your Way With Feeling

Put one foot in front of the other, following your inner North Star and a formula for success.

Revolutionary Rumblings

In search of harmony within and without.



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